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Matete Foundation School


Mateete Foundation School is located in Sembabule district in Uganda. The school operates in a rural setting 35 kms from Masaka which is the neighboring business town. The population of Mateete Community is 6000 people sq km; the school also serves children from different parts of Uganda. Given the high rate of child headed families and abandoned children, many children flux to the school and because of the limited facilities many children are left un catered for, that is why there is a need for enough classrooms to create a conducive environment for effective teaching.

The school has a Board of Governors of five people, two community representatives, with the director and head teacher as ex-officials.

The school has been in partnership with Buganda Development Network for the last four years, and has been supported with text books, food, school uniforms, stationery, financial assistance and free teaching services.


For a long period of time since the school started, there is still struggle in the school to create an enabling environment for providing education services to the less privileged pupils of Uganda.

Because our beneficiaries come from poverty stricken families, it is the reason; it has become very hard for us to raise money to improve on our infrastructures.

This limited infrastructure has sterilized our intake since many children do apply to join our school but we lack enough classroom facilities. It is upon this background that the leaders of Mateete foundation proposed to seek financial support for constructing phase two of the class rooms to accommodate more pupils.




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