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Lwebitakuli Sub County and Surrounding Communities;
The communities in Lwebitakuli Sub County are located along Lwebitakuli road in Sembabule District of Uganda. This region is considered a “rural” community comprising of approximately 30,000 people living in Lwebitakuli Sub County and the surrounding communities. Within these communities exists a much higher prevalence of HIV (~39%) compared to that in other parts of Sembabule District (10.6%), largely due to the harsh conditions and lifestyles that accompany the nature of rural communities (e.g., poor access to medical services) especially Lwebitakuli Sub county which is a typical village which is characterized by poor roads, scanty and dirty water, famine and poor health services and poor seeking behaviors for medical services.
About Ninety percent (90%) of the population lives on less than EURO 1 per day. Poor health and malnutrition have resulted from the poverty and burden of HIV within these communities. Short-term medical outreach clinics conducted in the area during 2008 and 2009 by ST. BERNARDS HEALTH CENTER collected data showing that nearly all the children suffered from infections that are common in developing countries and these were as a result of poor hygiene and a lack of access to medical care. This data reflected the health disparities present on a global scale, and a need for improved urgent/emergent care as well as preventative services.




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